Crevices and Ledges

"I shifted my weight under the doorway in between shots to get comfortable, putting my right foot up on the wall.

'Don't move,' she said, crouching carefully below me with her camera.

There's something different about Noel. Maybe it's the dreamlike state she puts you in two seconds into meeting her. Maybe it's her effortless professionalism. Maybe it's the 'lens' - (or whatever the industry lingo is) that she's got in her eye rather than her camera.

Whatever it is, it allows her to actually accomplish what every photographer dreams of.

She captures the human being in front of her. Or beside her. Or under her hanging off a railing by their legs. Or standing in the middle of a busy intersection because 'traffic can wait'.

We shot on the steps, streets, crevices and ledges of the upper west side, pulled by Noel's sense of child-like wonder and eye for space.

The fruit of our labor was a dreamy set of urban photographs that please the eye and intrigue the mind. The album wanders through a range of moods, from NYC naivete to alleyway mobster, always staying human despite its studio-level quality.

But I guess that's what happens when you work with someone who takes photographs as well as most people watch TV."

- Stephen Keefe

Thank you Stephen, you rock.